We have forgotten that children are easily overloaded, they thrive on less. Declutter your life and reduce the flood of input so that everyone can focus. Fewer, way fewer, and only open-ended toys — you will be amazed at what they invent with blocks, scarves, pots, and tinker-toys. Give them soil. Television numbs their mind – period. Give them the gift of music and musical instruments.


We are social creatures by nature: children will socialize when they are ready. They do not need or benefit from a never-ending string of play dates. They need you above all else. They need time on their own to explore, to experience boredom and become creative. You must lead them so they do not suffer the anxiety of leading you or seek leadership amongst their peers. Model and they will follow. Supporting, nurturing, and closeness are not coddling; they will move on when they are ready.


We have joined the growing numbers who question the status quo. We are committed to a learning philosophy that is focussed on the needs and growth of the individual child rather than the (in-)efficiency of the system or the fear of parents. We seek the antithesis of the assembly line, reductionist education unquestioningly accepted by society as the norm. Simplicity and attachment are our prerequisites.