personal bio

I moved to Germany shortly after earning a BSc in Computer Science from the University of BC. For a while I lived in a small village where I could walk down the hill to get still-warm milk from an ancient farm. Later I moved to Düsseldorf where I met my future wife. We have many happy memories of our fun and silly time together there.

I worked for some small software companies that gave me the opportunity to use the science part of my education, to be creative, and to grow. I am still proud of the software that I developed during my 10-year stay.

We moved back to Vancouver to be closer to mountains and ocean. We are both fans of self-propelled sports such as mountain-biking and cross-country skiing. And we finally got around to starting our own family; it’s never too late.

After over 25 years experience in ***software development***, including eight years of executive roles, I’m branching out to further develop my other interests.

I am balancing my analytical and creative drives through writing. I created Embracing Emptiness to explore the nature and development of self, as well as to help conquer self-alienation and disconnection. I will be adding some fiction writing as soon as time allows.